Virgin Paper (Sack Kraft – Kraft Liner)

Papel Misionero, our Kraft paper production plant, is located in the province of Misiones. It has an output capacity of 100,000 tons of Sack Kraft Paper and Kraft Liner Paper per year.

We offer a wide range of paper (Extensible Kraft Paper, Plain Kraft Paper, Kraft Liner) fully made of virgin fiber, providing our customers with good quality and performance paper for the preparation of their products (Single Layer and Multiwall Bags, corrugated packagings, etc.), fulfilling the highest standards in the industry.

This paper may be used in other products as well (cylindrical containers, cardboard tubes, slipsheets, etc.).

Grupo Zucamor has a forest area of 23,500 ha. 13,000 ha have planted forests and 10,500 ha pertain to the natural reserve Reserva Natural Cultural Papel Misionero (RNCPM). Besides, we have a nursery for the production of seedling of exotic species (Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii) and native species (over 30), as well as a clonal seed orchard (CSO-PM) producing pine seeds.

RNCPM is part of the reserve Reserva de Biosfera Yaboty.